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Lelit E61 Group Gasket

Lelit E61 Group Gasket

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If you notice that there's water leaking from the area above the portafilter, known as the group head, then your gasket is probably to blame.When changed your coffee cream will improve as you will have achieved the maximum extraction pressure of 9 bars. (The pressure will be constant as the filter basket has a full seal.)

You should change your gaskets every 12 months. 

The longer you leave it the more difficult it will be to remove them.The group seals become brittle over time due heat from the portafilter and with age.When removing the old one it will probably fall apart as it will be so brittle.

Material: Rubber
Size: Ø 73x57x8mm

Fits the following Lelit  E61 group machines:-

  • Lelit  PL62     Mara
  • Lelit  PL162T Bianca
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