Service & Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

"Keep your coffee machine running smoothly with our expert maintenance services. Schedule your service today!"

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Troubleshooting and Repairs

"Experiencing issues with your coffee machine? Our expert troubleshooting and repair services will have your brew back to perfection in no time. Contact us for reliable solutions!"

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  • Full Service Package

    Have you not serviced your machine from the very first day the machine was bought? It's time to give your coffee machine a full service to ensure it produces excellent quality coffee for a longer period of time.

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  • Yearly Maintenance Service

    Investing in our yearly subscription plan for coffee machine maintenance is a great idea to provide convenience and peace of mind to you. Get started now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform maintenance on my coffee machine myself, or should I hire a professional?

While basic maintenance tasks like daily cleaning can be done by the user, more complex maintenance procedures such as descaling, replacing internal components, or calibrating the machine may require professional assistance. It's essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and recommendations for maintenance and seek professional help when needed.

What happens if I do not perform regular repair and services on my coffee machine?

Neglecting regular repair and maintenance on your coffee machine can lead to decreased coffee quality from accumulated residues and mineral deposits, causing off-flavored drinks. Mechanical issues like deteriorating seals and valves can result in leaks or breakdowns, reducing efficiency in heating water and generating steam. Neglected machines can also harbor mold and bacteria, posing health risks. This neglect can increase operating costs due to energy inefficiency and frequent repairs, shortening the machine's lifespan and potentially voiding its warranty. Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance, longevity, and safety of your coffee machine.

Is it worth investing in a maintenance subscription plan?

A maintenance subscription plan can provide peace of mind and ensure regular servicing of your coffee machine, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining optimal performance. The convenience and benefits of a subscription plan often outweigh the costs for many coffee enthusiasts.

What are the prices for this services that are offered?

To inquire about the prices for our services and to learn more about what we offer, please contact us via WhatsApp at 018-9001319 or click "Contact Us" here. We'll be happy to provide you with detailed information on our service packages and pricing. Thank you!


  • Before

  • After

Before and after going through a group head cleaning and maintenance

  • Cleaning of clogged hot water dispenser caused by scale build up in the machine