We are your end-to-end coffee solution provider

If you are a café, restaurant, hotel or food service operator look no further, we have an extensive solution for you including

coffee, tea, chocolate, matcha green tea, ice blended drinks
Coffee Machines
Semi auto espresso machines, fully auto espresso machines, brewing machines, vending machines, commercial blenders.
Cafe Products
Syrups, sauces, biscotti, cookies, milk, creams, sugars, sweeteners, paper products, cleaning supplies, disposable kitchenware and cups




Our friendly customer service team is ready to respond to your inquiry or resolve your problem in the most timely and efficient manner possible


We ensure you get the right machine for your needs, install it on-site and make sure it runs smoothly so you get the best cup of coffee possible.



The perfect cup of coffee is not dependent only on the coffee beans and machines. We make sure your baristas  are fully trained to make the perfect cup of coffee



On time delivery service to your premises to ensure that you always receive fresh products with no interruption to your business operations

About Us 

Our Vision

To be a Trusted Advisor and Supplier to F & B owners and business managers to help them become more efficient and profitable

Our Mission

To help our customers solve their coffee bar challenges with quality products and outstanding service

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