Fiorenzato Allground Grinder

The AllGround stands out as the perfect coffee grinder for your home, allowing you to customize grind settings to suit your preferred brewing style effortlessly. Seamlessly transition between espresso, Moka pot, and manual brewing using the user-friendly touchscreen interface. This aesthetically pleasing coffee grinder is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, making it suitable for individuals of all skill levels.


Elevate your morning coffee experience with this versatile home grinder designed for Moka pot, espresso, and filter brews. Enjoy a color-changing screen that adapts to the grind type, providing a plethora of grinding combinations. Equipped with 64mm Redspeed Titanium coated burrs, this grinder boasts a lifespan of approximately 6-8 years. Its engineered casing effectively minimizes vibration and noise, ensuring a quiet grinding process. With its modern design and stunning touchscreen interface, the AllGround combines style and functionality in one impressive package.